The ABC of CRO


When you first approach the world of Conversion Optimisation, you are likely to encounter a lot of words that make little to no sense like statistical powerfunnelsconversion scent or hero image (…and you’d be entirely forgiven for thinking about Superman when hearing the latter!).

Luckily, the web is full of useful glossaries to help you master the language of CRO. Mastering the art of CRO, however, requires a lot more work than just reading – but these resources are a very good starting point.

Based in Vancouver, Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders around, so I trust people at the company to know a thing or two about conversion optimisation. Unbounce’s glossary includes well over 100 words, but you can always suggest additional ones. You can even take a couple of quizzes to test your CRO nerdiness (their word, not mine!)

Visual Website Optimiser (VWO) is one of the most famous and widely used A/B, Split and MVT testing tools – and when you check their comprehensive list of CRO terms, you will learn very quickly what A/B, Split and MVT testing actually mean!

Conversioner is an optimisation agency from Tel Aviv that puts a lot of emphasis on emotional targeting and conversion. Their work-in-progress glossary (currently covering letters from A to S) is full of useful tips for using psychological and scientific insights to optimise pages, websites and even whole businesses.

Based in Manchester, optimisation agency PRWD has developed a unique (and trademarked!) Growth Methodology™ that blends user research, data and behavioural insights. Like the glossary linked above, PRWD’s is a work in progress, but it already has a few spin-offs for the statistically inclined.

Last but not least: Optimizely, another very famous and largely used testing tool, has recently compiled a mobile-centric list of optimisation terms. Here is where you might encounter ‘cocoapods’ for the first time and no, they have (sadly) nothing to do with chocolate.

(First published on LinkedIn)